Pours and Pops with J. Karl Brewick

This past Thursday, photographer and alumni of Harrington College of Design, J. Karl Brewick came to our Modern Alternative Practices class to show us how he does his thing! It was incredible watching him set up all his tools and then begin the process. Control and timing are key to creating these incredible captures. A very fast flash duration is vital. We're talking at least 1/11000 of a second. These are some images I took during the night with a Canon 5D Mark II on bulb (shout out to Fonz for helping me get the hang of that).

A look at J. Karl's set up and splash.

A look at J. Karl's set up and splash.

A couple of very nice gents from Profoto also came and brought their new Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash's. J. Karl uses his lap top to make adjustments to the size of droplets released and also the speed. He looks to the previous image captures to estimate and plan the adjustments he needs to make in order to get the shot he is looking for. He told us that over the past year he has thrown himself into this and has thus learned a great deal. This is who he is.


In addition to the pours we also blew up some balloons, sprayed them with spray paint and then popped them, capturing the paint drops in the air. These photos bellow were taken by Fonz.

Big big thank you to J. Karl for bringing all his gear and showing us how he makes the incredible imagery he makes! Also, thanks to Dirk Fletcher for creating and teaching a class that is as entertaining as it is educational, its been a blast, truly.

J. Karl's website: http://www.jkbphotografix.com

Dirk Fletcher's blog: http://dirkfletcher.blogspot.com