Kaitie & JR | Married!

Photographing Kaitie and JR's wedding was extra special for me because I actually went to the same church as Kaitie's family growing up! I love when I have a previous connection to a family and see familiar faces throughout the day. And what a great family, seriously, just look at their smiles in these photos. Both Kaitie and JR's family were so full of life that day and their happiness for the couple was just so evident. As I photographed Kaitie and JR it seemed clear to me the kind of couple they are, best friends. They've already welcomed their son Mason into the world together, THE MOST adorable little boy. As they held him and talked to him they were the picture of loving parents and partners. I so enjoyed photographing those moments. Kaitie and JR, thank you so much for having me photograph this amazing day in your lives! I wish you many more happy days surrounded by your loved ones!