Evan & Annie | Riverside Receptions Wedding

Let me tell you about my friend Evan. From the age of 8 all the way through high school he was my neighbor and my friend. In middle school many nights were spent with my friend Janice and I watching him play hockey at the local rink. As teens we would go get sushi and talk about our parents, friends, life. I remember him always being helpful to me and my mom - helping carry in groceries or random things around the house — maybe he’d throw an eye roll in there just because - but he never complained. Evan is one of those good guys, the kind you can count on to give you the good advice and be there if you need help. He kind of just does the right thing - like all the time. I’m sure he’s not perfect but my point is he is a good person.

So of course he found a woman who is both strong and unfailingly kind to be his partner in life. We all grew up in the same town, going to the same schools. Evan and Annie have known each other since elementary school! The decision to turn their long lasting friendship into something more was not made lightly - but I think we can all agree it was the right choice! I definitely believe friendship is the key to a long-lasting marriage. Evan and Annie have a strong foundation of friendship and I truly believe they’ll have an incredible life together. I am so happy for my friend and his best friend!

Amber & Kevin | Married!

When Amber and Kevin told me they love craft beer and David Bowie - I knew I was meant to be their photographer!! These two have amazing taste and are just so easy going, it made for a great wedding day. Every detail was classy and a bit flashy, from Amber's classic birdcage to Kevin's gold shoes - it was all fantastic and totally them. And that's what I believe a wedding day should be - 100% true to you and everything you want it to be. To Amber and Kevin I say congratulations! It was a pleasure, please renew your vows someday so we can do it all again!

2015: A Year in Review

Something struck me as I was going over these images and looking at these people. I felt something that I imagine couples feel when they first see images from their wedding. I saw pieces of something much bigger. These are some of my favorite images from 2015 but not only visually. These are my favorites because they take me back to these days. I see them and I remember how that day felt, how I got to know people, how I photographed such special relationships. In my work I see people being themselves, experiencing life, and fostering relationships. I love that. I can't tell you how much I love feeling that. I'm so thankful that this is my job, so thankful that I get to meet people who open up their lives to me so I can make images that are impactful and important. 2015 was full of wonderful people and great days, lessons and gifts. I can't wait to continue the adventure in 2016 with old friends and new.