Will & Jennie | Engaged!

These two are in love. So we met up just before Christmas to make some photographs and document this moment in their lives! They love the outdoors so we chose to shoot at one of my favorite parks in Geneva, IL. There is so much to work with at Fabyan Forest Preserve and the natural elements there are beautiful, even in the winter.

Will & Jennie were so fun to get to know. As we walked between shooting spots we talked about how they met - how Jennie knew pretty much right away that Will was something special - how that exciting foundation had led to them planning a Texas wedding for this year. I soon saw the kind nature they both share - they were the most understanding & patient when my left contact lens starting giving me issues. Lesson learned: if it’s freaking freezing out and you’re about to shoot an engagement session, wear your glasses. Make-up + cold wind + watering eyes = problems.

But we pushed through & came away with images that will last a lifetime. They trusted me, they were themselves, they had fun with it! That is the recipe for making great photos.

Claire & Scotty | Engaged!

I am so happy that Claire & Scotty found me through a previous bride of mine! They are just so genuinely themselves, nice and easy going. I remember feeling so grateful that they shared their authentic selves with me during the session. Trust is a big part of what I do if you think about it. I need my couples to feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of my camera. It’s always heartwarming and exciting when people trust me with the task of documenting a special time in their lives. That feeling never goes away, no matter how many celebrations, engagements, or weddings I shoot. For Claire & Scotty’s engagement session we chose a beautiful park along the Fox River. They love to be outdoors and make use of their canoe - which of course they brought to the session! I always tell my couples “I want these photos to feel true to you” - so I love when we can incorporate activities that they love to do together in their every day life. I had such a nice time in the woods making these photographs of Claire & Scotty. We even got lucky with a gorgeous blanket of fresh snow. I’m looking forward to their wedding in May!