Danielle & Kentrail | Married! - Chicago Wedding Photographer

This wedding is a special one to me because I knew Danielle and Kentrail before they got together. They went to the same college I did and I remember when I started seeing them together more and more. I even remember a particular conversation we were having, Kentrail was talking about his father who is a pastor and how those values and his parents marriage had influenced him. Danielle and Kentrail got to know each other, they too their time, became friends and then started dating. The way they each talk about one another and their relationship, it's pretty incredible. I have no doubt they will build a beautiful life together and support one another for the rest of their days. When Danielle walked down the aisle towards Kentrail, I really had to struggle to keep it together and continue photographing. You Will Be My Resolution by Matt Corby was playing and that song was so beautiful it nearly put me over the emotional ledge into full on ugly crying, seriously. But more than the song was the look on Danielle's face and how unwavering her eye contact was with her husband. And Kentrail's single tear running down his cheek. And I was standing mere feet from all this incredible love. I love this job. And I am so happy for Danielle and Kentrail. I wish you incredible blessings in your life together!


Harrington family forever! <3